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Read about UC SHIP Enrollment & Eligibility

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2013 03:29PM PDT

Enrollment & Eligibility

All registered UC Hastings students pay a mandatory Health Services fee giving them access to in-clinichealthcare and counseling services provided by Student Health Services. However, only enrollees in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) have coverage to medical, mental health, dental, vision, prescription and travel insurance benefits provided by the plan.

Registered UC Hastings students paying a premium for the UC SHIP are automatically enrolled. The annual cost is divided into two payments, one for the Fall semester and one for the Spring/Summer semesters. Summer coverage is included for all students registered for Fall and Spring semesters.

Eligible to Enroll

  • Graduating students who are currently enrolled in UC SHIP may enroll in the Voluntary Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (Voluntary UC SHIP) for one semester after graduating. Coverage is elected by term. To enroll, complete the Voluntary UC SHIP 2013-2014 Continuation Plan Enrollment Form and submit payment directly to Wells Fargo Insurance Services (address and fax listed on form).
  • Eligible dependents of fully enrolled/registered UC Hastings students may elect to pay and enroll in the Voluntary UC SHIP. Eligible dependents must complete the Voluntary UC SHIP 2013-2014 Dependent Enrollment Form, submit payment directly to Wells Fargo Insurance Services (address and fax listed on enrollment form) and provide one of the following:
    • For spouse, Marriage Certificate
    • For same-sex domestic partner, a Declaration of Domestic Partnership issued by the State of California or of same-sex legal union other than marriage formed in another jurisdiction.
    • For opposite-sex domestic partner, proof that the Graduate student or partner is age 62 or older and eligible to receive Social Security benefits
    • For natural child, a birth certificate showing the student is parent of the child
    • For stepchild, a birth certificate and a marriage certificate showing that one of the parents listed on the birth certificate is married to the student
    • For adopted or foster child, documentation from the placement agency showing that the student has the legal right to control the child's health care

Dependent Care

Students enrolled in UC SHIP may enroll their dependents in the plan.  Dependents must be re-enrolled each semester.  Please note that, unlike student re-enrollment, dependent re-enrollment is not automatic. Dependent benefits differ slightly from student benefits. To learn more about UC SHIP Dependent Benefits, see the UC SHIP 2013-2014 Dependent Medical Plan Summary.  Information on the 2013-2014 Dependent Prescription Coverage will be posted as soon as it is available.

Visiting students participating in UC Hastings programs but enrolled at another college or university are not eligible for coverage under the UC SHIP.

  • Students who are on a leave of absence.

For details please read the Insurance Plan Description.


Q: How do I obtain my personalized ID card?

A: You will be assigned an ID number that can be used for both your medical and vision program. Shortly after enrollment, you will receive a letter from Anthem Blue Cross with an ID card containing that number. Your ID card will be mailed to the address that is currently on file with the UC Hastings Records Department. You must give that ID number to your providers in order to receive care. You may also use that number to register on the Anthem Blue Cross Website and to access secure areas containing your eligibility and claims information. If you have lost your ID card, you may obtain a replacement by logging in and printing a new card, or you may contact Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service department at 866-940-8306.

Q: May I continue coverage if I am on a Leave of Absence?

A: No, coverage is not offered to students who are taking a leave of absence.

Q: Can I waive the Student Insurance Plan?

A: Students and researchers who have access to an insurance plan that meets a minimum benefits level will be eligible to waive the Student Insurance Plan. To learn more, see Insurance Waiver

Q: Does SHS provide COBRA or an extension of insurance plan?

A: SHS does not provide COBRA, because the UC SHIP is not an employer-sponsored plan.

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